fun to make, great to play

resistent to great kicks

never goes flat


_FOO0229_R lores.jpg


fits every pocket

high performance

unlimited possibilities




play anywhere you want!


The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create 3D shapes, such as a FOOOTY ball. The ball is a 3D structure made out of 10 FOOOTY elements that are connected with a simple connection system. With the uniquely designed elements you can create all popular ball shapes to kick and throw around. 


Inspired by the beautiful game of football and the construction fun of Lego, we developed the FOOOTY. The FOOOTY is resistant to great kicks and tricks. It fits in every pocket and can be used anywhere. With the FOOOTY we want to enable everyone to PLAY anywhere you want.


Many studies prove that regular moments of PLAY ignite creativity, enhance energy levels and stimulate social interaction. It gives opportunities and hope to many people. With FOOOTY and your imagination we can build a whole new world... so let's start a PLAY revolution together ;-)