Turn dreams

into reality!


FOOOTY was created from frustration of one of the founders, Jean-Pierre Raes. Going on holidays he and his wife always forgot a ball (or it just didn't fit in the suitcase) for their kids to play and ended up having to buy a new ball at every destination over and over again. Their home became a museum of footballs, because the kids wanted to take the balls back home ofcourse...

The frustration led to a creative question... Can we make a T-shirt that you can fold into a ball to kick around? Since you always have tees with you when you are traveling, right... After many prototypes and trial & errors they ended up with a t-shirt with a connection system to fold it into a ball. After playing around with the clicking system they noticed that there were many more possibilities when they would skip the T-shirt. So they did... the FOOOTY elements became the base to CREATE and PLAY anywhere you want... (Still, if you want, you can put a T-shirt inside of your creation. It can help when there is a bit too much wind ;-)

FOOOTY was successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2016 . More than 1000 FOOOTY packs traveled to over 30 countries. Now FOOOTY is available in stores around the world. And since May also flying around on board of all KLM flights, making its own adventures!

The FOOOTY was developed by Apollo 11, Dutch concept agency based in Amsterdam, that has the urge to turn dreams into reality and to create positive impact. With FOOOTY we want to make it possible for everyone to make it easier to PLAY more... since PLAYING is as important as eating and sleeping.

The Foooties are made out of durable recyclable PP. We feel the responsibility to continuously research and experiment to improve sustainability. This we do in close cooperation with the BetterFutureFactory

The story continues...

You can follow us on: facebook.com/playfoooty & instagram.com/playfoooty